Small Wood Shaving Machine Price For Sale

Introduction of Small Wood Shaving Machine

Wood shaving machine is mainly used for mass production of thin shavings with uniform thickness. It is an automatic wood shaving machine. It includes a frame, a platform placed on the frame, and a knife holder fixed on the platform.

The wood enters the wood shaving machine from the feed port, and is sliced by the blade inside the machine to produce shavings. The shavings that come out are uniform in size and thickness. There is no difference in the shavings produced by the factory.

Materials&Usage&Sizes of Small Wood Shaving Machine For Sale

raw materials of wood shaving machine
wood shavings
wood shavings
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Features&Advantages of Small Wood Shaving Machine Price For Sale

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8mm thick steel plate inlet

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China top WuXing engine, pure copper coil, service life can reach more than 10 years

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Alloy Steel Hammer, long wear-resistant service life, high cutting efficiency

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Optional wheels and traction device, hand jack, mobile operation anytime&anywhere

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Three-layers spray paint, 20 years of anti-rust, paint color can be customized

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Three optional power modes: electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine

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The machine body is made of 5mm thick steel plate, long service life

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Widely used in particle board, papermaking raw materials, transportation filling, animal nest filling, bioenergy

Parameters of Small Wood Shaving Machine Price For Sale

ModelPower(kw)Output(kgs)Roller Blade(pcs)Maximum Crushing Diameter(cm)Carton Size(mm) & Gross Weight(kg)
AKB-4207.5300413Electric Motor:1350*750*990,240kg
Diesel Engine:1850*720*990,15hp
AKB-60015500415Electric Motor:1600*750*1050,450kg
Diesel Engine:1950*800*1150,550kg, 28hp
AKB-800301000820Electric Motor:1950*900*1500, 930kg
Diesel Engine:2300*900*1550, 1050kg,40hp
AKB-1000551500925Electric Motor:2560*1100*1500, 1300kg
Diesel Engine:2760*1300*1600, 80hp,1650kg
AKB-12005520001025Electric Motor:2660*1150*1500, 1500kg
Diesel Engine:2860*1350*1650, 80hp, 1850kg
AKB-15007525001230Electric Motor:3150*1350*1800, 2000kg
Diesel Engine:3300*1500*1950, 2400kg, 102hp

Pakage&Transportation of Small Wood Shaving Machine Price For Sale


Small wood shaving machine will be wraped 5 layers of plastic film to avoid moisture and bumps

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Thickened pallets and wooden boxes for export to protect the small wood shaving machine from damage

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By sea, rail, and air, wood shaving machine will be delivered to you in time within 7-30 days

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