Disc Wood Chipper Machine

Introduction of Disc Type Wood Chipper Machine

Disc wood chipper machine is widely used in paper mills, particleboard mills, fiberboard mills and wood chip processing bases. Logs, small-diameter wood, etc. can be cut into industrial wood chips with uniform length, flat cuts and uniform thickness, and can also cut ya wood, boards, etc.

The large disc wood chipper has two types: pulley drive and direct drive; the feeding is divided into horizontal and inclined modes, and the discharging also has two modes: upper discharge and lower discharge.

Materials&Usage&Sizes of Disc Type Wood Chipper Machine

raw materials of drum wood chipper
application of disc wood chipper

Features&Advantages of Disc Type Wood Chipper Machine

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8mm thick steel plate inlet

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China top WuXing engine, pure copper coil, service life can reach more than 10 years

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Optional wheels and traction device, hand jack, mobile operation anytime&anywhere

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Alloy Steel Hammer, long wear-resistant service life, high cutting efficiency

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Three optional power modes: electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine

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Three-layers spray paint, 20 years of anti-rust, paint color can be customized

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The machine body is made of 5mm thick steel plate, long service life

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Widely used in particle board, papermaking raw materials, transportation filling, animal nest filling, bioenergy

Parameters of Disc Wood Chipper Machine

ModelPower(kw)Output(kgs)Roller Blade(pcs)Maximum Crushing Diameter(cm)Carton Size(mm) & Gross Weight(kg)
AKQ-4207.51000313Electric Motor:1350*700*900,220kg
Diesel Engine:1920*700*990, 250kg,15hp
AKQ-600153000315Electric Motor:1650*750*1100,450kg
Diesel Engine:2200*750*1200, 550kg,28hp
AKQ-800305000420Electric Motor:1950*850*1340,830kg Diesel Engine:2300*850*1450, 950kg,40hp
AKQ-950378000422Electric Motor:2050*950*1600, 1250kg
Diesel Engine:2600*1150*1700, 1450kg, 60hp
AKQ-11505510000425Electric Motor:2660*1250*1900, 2500kg
Diesel Engine:2860*1350*2000, 2800kg,80hp
AKQ-14109012000430Electric Motor:3000*1500*2200, 3200kg
Diesel Engine:3200*1700*2200, 3500kg,155hp

Pakage&Transportation of Disc Wood Chipper Machine


Disc Type Wood Chipper Machine is wraped 5 layers of plastic film to avoid moisture and bumps

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Thickened pallets and wooden boxes for export to protect the Disc Type Wood Chipper Machine from damage

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By sea, rail, and air, Disc Wood Chipper Machine will be delivered to you in time within 7-30 days

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