Feed Pellet Making Machine


Feed pellet machines are widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms.

Main features: 1. Simple structure, small footprint and low noise. 2. Powdered feed and grass meal can be pelletized without or a little liquid addition. 3. The feed pellets have high hardness, smooth surface and internal maturation, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients. 4. The granule formation process can cause the denaturation of the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various worms and digestive system diseases.


application of Feed Pellet Making Machine
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Feed Pellet Making Machine
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Widened feed inlet, convenient for feeding

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Pure copper motor, high power and low noise

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Coupling rotation, low friction, less transmission ratio loss than belt

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Stainless steel coupling,high temperature quenching treatment

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Made of Chromium-manganese steel final shaft and grinding disc, high temperature quenching treatment

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Length of feed pellets can be adjusted at any time

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Grinding disc size from 3mm to 7mm for choice

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Nylon casters, wear-resistant&durable

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Oil window&oil dipstick, accurately detect the oil level

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3 layers of spray paint, 20 years anti-rust

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Adjust the distance between the roller and the disc, keep the nuts on both sides balanced, so as not to damage the pressure roller grinding disc

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Widened discharge port, more smoother, and the baffle prevents the feed from falling


ModelOutput(kgs/h)Electric Motor Power(kw)Diesel Engine Power( HP)Net Weight(kg)Carton Size(mm) & Gross Weight(kg)
AKK-12580-10031235Electric Motor:1100*350*700 , 95kg Diesel Engine:1000*380*720,115kg
AKK-15090-15041240Electric Motor:1150*350*800, 98kg
Diesel Engine:1050*380*820,125kg
AKK-210200-3007.522110Electric Motor:1150*450*950, 280kg
Diesel Engine:142*57*99, 300kg
AKK-230350-4501122150Electric Motor:1380*460*1000, 300kg
Diesel Engine:1630*590*1050, 350kg
AKK-260400-5001528190Electric Motor:1300*530*1050, 315kg
Diesel Engine:1630*620*1100, 380kg
AKK-300500-7002242400Electric Motor:1450*620*1200, 600kg
Diesel Engine:2150*1350*1750, 750kg
AKK-360700-8002242600Electric Motor:1600*670*1450, 795kg
Diesel Engine:2400*1500*2000, 920kg
AKK-400900-12003055750Electric Motor:1600*670*1450, 1000kg
Diesel Engine:2400*1500*2000, 1150kg


Feed Pellet Making Machine

Wrap 5 layers of plastic film to avoid moisture and bumps

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Thickened pallets and wooden boxes for export to protect the machine from damage

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By sea, rail, and air, it will be delivered to you in time within 7-30 days

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