Biomass Briquette Machine for Sale

Introduction of Biomass Briquette Machine for Sale

Biomass Briquette Machine uses wood chips, sawdust, rice husks, peanut shells, shavings, bamboo chips, bamboo dust and other wood materials (without adding any adhesive) to make rod-shaped solid fuels under high pressure conditions.

Materials&Usage&Sizes of Biomass Briquette Machine

biomasss briquette machine
biomasss briquette machine

Features&Advantages of Biomass Briquette Machine

biomass briquette machine manufacturers
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Thickened steel six-sided forming cylinder

biomass briquette machine for sale

Aluminum casting heating ring, stable heating, twice the service life of ordinary heating ring

biomass briquette machine for sale

The Q235 high temperature resistant steel screw propeller is twice the service life of ordinary screw propellers

biomass briquette machine

Rolling bearings, low friction coefficient and low heat generation

biomass briquette machine manufacturer

Lengthened, widened and deepened steel inlet

biomass briquette machine manufacturer

The machine body is made of 5mm thick steel plate, long service life

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Three-layers spray paint, 20 years of anti-rust, paint color can be customized, spray paint uniformly, machine polished smooth

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China top WuXing engine, pure copper coil, service life can reach more than 10 years

Parameters of Biomass Briquette Machine

ModelPower(KW)Carton Size(mm)Output(kgs/h)Gross Weight(kg)

Pakage&Transportation of Biomass Briquette Machine


Wrap 5 layers of plastic film to avoid moisture and bumps

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Thickened pallets and wooden boxes for export to protect  biomass briquette machine from damage

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By sea, rail, and air, it will be delivered to you in time within 7-30 days

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